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Reel Creation

and Editing

Every Actor needs footage online, and figuring out exactly what Casting Directors and Managers are looking for can be exhausting and confusing.

As with any marketing materials, it's important that you have a reel that accurately represents you and your brand. That's why every reel I build is done custom - no standard templates - and I have a conversation with you first to make sure I understand you and the image you want to portray.

Whether creating your first reel from scratch or simply adding updated footage I offer packages of all sizes to get you exactly what you need to show you off at your best.

From Scratch

You have all your scenes selected, but you need someone to put it together - someone who will make sure edits are quick and clean, audio levels are balanced, and image quality is consistent. I'll take your scenes, add any necessary sound and title card elements and get it back to you for notes. Then I'll give it another pass based on your thoughts to make sure it's just what you want.

From Scratch - with a little help

You have all your footage, but you need a little more guidance. I'll watch your clips and pieces and help you select the best material to show off your brand. We'll talk about how to best represent you, and then I'll cut together a reel with the clips and scenes I feel show you at your best. After a first edit, we'll watch it together and discuss what's working for you, and what isn't. Then I'll give it another pass based on your thoughts to make sure it's just what you want.


You have a reel, but it's not working. It's too long, you have some footage you want removed, or something new to add, the order just isn't serving you. I'll take your notes and re-construct the reel for you, finding the best way to showcase your work. You review it, and then I'll make a second pass to make sure it's just right.

Quick Edit

You have a reel, and it's working for you (maybe I made it for you!), you just need some new footage swapped in for something older. No problem, I've got you covered and you'll have a fresh new edit ready in no time!

I also offer footage creation - writing, filming and editing fresh scenes tailored to your needs.

No matter what your needs, I'll use my expertise to guide you and make sure you're happy with the result. I look forward to discussing your reel with you!

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